Nobody Cares About the St. Louis Rams: The Song

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So when this song was written, the team was coming off a 4-12 season and a second straight fifth place finish in the NFC West. And while this kicked off a few years of the Greatest Show on Turf, history repeats itself. The song is now oddly pertinent again, what with the recent woes and whispering that, in fact, so few people care about the St. Louis Rams that they might go back to LA.

But that's missing the best part of this whole project, which is how deadly earnest it is. Hughes is obviously a huge NFL fan, and as a resident of California he grew up a fan of the LA Rams. So like any true devotee, his worldview is completely informed by his own rooting interest. That plays out elsewhere on the record -- he seems to have adopted the Chargers once the Rams left, and his song about the Broncos (at the time coming off back-to-back Super Bowl wins) is mean-spirited ribbing of the logo. Good shit.

Hughes provides commentary on each of the tracks on Bandcamp. Here's what he has to say about "Rams."

I remember the Rams. I remember reading as a little kid that Pat Haden had been a "Rhodes Scholar," and even though I basically had no idea what that meant, I knew that it was something that I, already brainy and uncool at age 7, could look upon with pride. I remember, inexplicably, a game at the Coliseum against the St Louis Cardinals which sold out at the last minute, meaning the customary TV blackout was lifted! I remember Super Bowl XIV, the Rams and the Steelers at the Rose Bowl, and there being hope for the Rams until quite late in the game, and the light in the sky outside looking exactly like the light in the sky on television. I remember going to a Monday night game in Anaheim with a friend from school in his dad's new '82 Corvette, and thinking this sucks and not being disappointed when we left late in the third quarter. A team that will suck until the owner dies or can be persuaded to sell it. Too bad: still one of the best uniforms in the game.

So here it is, you dozens upon dozens of fans of both lo-fi pop music and the NFL -- here's a year's worth of shit to talk about at parties. Lord knows we're going to, incessantly -- head's up in case you see us out at a show anytime soon.

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