On Safari at Bass Center VII

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Todd Owyoung
Hide your cookies! I mean, hide your balanced diet!
Bassnectar spent the weekend rattling skulls in Midtown at the Chaifetz Arena. This wasn't his usual show, however: This was Bass Center -- the huge DJ's annual blow-out tribute to low frequencies and the ways they make you move. On hand to celebrate the occasion were Zeds Dead, Gramatik and Gladkill. And St. Louis showed up in style -- photographers Jon Gitchoff and third greatest music photographer Todd Owyoung were there in case you couldn't make/can't remember. Below, the creatures being channeled by some of our favorite spirit hood-wearing, totem-toting bass heads:

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Jon Gitchoff
Note the distinctive bracelet collection and remember how cold it was on Saturday. True dedication.

Jon Gitchoff
Inspired by Run-DMC and Fiona Apple.

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Chaifetz Arena

1 S. Compton Ave., St. Louis, MO

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