The Ten Best Music Photographers in St. Louis: Accepting Nominations Now

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Jason Stoff
We admit some bias here, though Jason is a hell of a photographer.
Yesterday, Complex published its list of the 50 Greatest Music Photographers Right Now. Alternate title: The 50 Greatest Music Photographers Right Now in New York or LA. There were a few nods tossed at the other 99.9% of the planet, including the very well deserved inclusion of St. Louis' Todd Owyoung at number three. But mostly that was it. There is some stunning music photography going on everywhere, and I am not just rooting for the home team when I say that St. Louis has way, way more than its share of it.

Update: To clarify -- this is just the nomination process. Once someone's name has been mentioned, there's no need to submit him or her again. We will compile a list of finalists and you can vote later.

So we thought we'd celebrate the work being done here with a rundown of the best music photogs working in St. Louis right now. However, we are preposterously biased here -- many of these folks are our colleagues and friends. So we're looking to you, the readers, for help deciding who belongs.

To nominate someone: Write his or her name in the comments below or email with the subject line "STL Music Photographer Nomination."

To nominate yourself: Please do! If you think you belong on this list, don't hesitate to say so. You may also put your own name in the comments or email with the subject line "STL Music Photographer Nomination." Please include contact information in your email so that we can get in touch with you if you make the cut.

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