The Readers vs. RFT Music: Who Had Better Picks for the Best of St. Louis?

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Hopefully by now you've enjoyed perusing our annual Best of St. Louis issue, which hit the stands a week ago today. We had some truly tough decisions to make this year, and we'll agonize over them in the coming weeks and months in this space. For now, though, we want to turn our attention to your picks for the best venues, bands and shows of the past twelve months. Compare below, and let us know what you would have picked in the comments.

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Best Band Name
RFT Music Winner: Totally Gay Cop
Readers' Poll Winner: Dance Floor Riot

Photo by Steve Truesdell
Best Rock Band
RFT Music Winner: Bug Chaser
Readers' Poll Winner: Divine Sorrow

El Monstero 2011. Photo by Kholood Eid
Best Concert of the Past 12 Months
RFT Music Winner: Radiohead
Readers' Poll Winner: El Monstero

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