How to Rave: Booty Halloween in Five Blurry, Jaw-Rattling, Scantily Clad Steps [PHOTOS]

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Cassie Kohler
Make it official: there was a full blown rave at the Scottish Rite this weekend. Booty Halloween 9, presented by 4sho Productions (yes, this is the 9th year... have I been living under a rock?) was three rooms of hard EDM, florescent rainbow light shows, clouds of (ahem) herbal smoke and seas of sweaty bodies rubbing on strangers. So, how does one plan for and attack a seven hour (yes: seven) EDM concert? Here's a guide to ensuring the best rave experience possible.

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Step 1: Physically and mentally prepare yourself for the evening.

Cassie Kohler

Tip: Dress yourself appropriately. It gets hot on the dance floor. The general rave consensus is: less is more.

Tip: If there is theme, please dress in a costume. Dressing to please is one thing, pulling out the stilts for the night shows true dedication.

Cassie Kohler

Tip: Themes are open ended. Even if an all out costume isn't for you, there are plenty of environment appropriate options available.

Cassie Kohler

Cassie Kohler

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Saint Louis Scottish Rite Cathedral

3633 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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