How to Rave: Booty Halloween in Five Blurry, Jaw-Rattling, Scantily Clad Steps [PHOTOS]

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Cassie Kohler
Make it official: there was a full blown rave at the Scottish Rite this weekend. Booty Halloween 9, presented by 4sho Productions (yes, this is the 9th year... have I been living under a rock?) was three rooms of hard EDM, florescent rainbow light shows, clouds of (ahem) herbal smoke and seas of sweaty bodies rubbing on strangers. So, how does one plan for and attack a seven hour (yes: seven) EDM concert? Here's a guide to ensuring the best rave experience possible.

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Step 1: Physically and mentally prepare yourself for the evening.

Cassie Kohler

Tip: Dress yourself appropriately. It gets hot on the dance floor. The general rave consensus is: less is more.

Tip: If there is theme, please dress in a costume. Dressing to please is one thing, pulling out the stilts for the night shows true dedication.

Cassie Kohler

Tip: Themes are open ended. Even if an all out costume isn't for you, there are plenty of environment appropriate options available.

Cassie Kohler

Cassie Kohler

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Wow. This "article" is presumptious and inaccurate. I personally was not under the influence and was not scantily clad. Sometimes I do dress that way, however I would never go home with some stranger or rub up on people in the sexual manner you insenuated. This my dear is a completely stereotypical slanderous piece of garbage that you are trying to portray to the public. What's wrong Cassie? Are you afraid of having a good time? Because while you were busy trying to find the worst possible aspects of a rave, which are found in nearly every public party establishment I was enjoying dancing the night away with some of my best friends, making memories, and enjoying an amazing concert in an amazing environment. And as much as I respect the idea of loving one another, sincerely, EFF OFF you negative witch! 


why the hell is glowstick girl the poster child of booty halloween? her costume wasn't that clever. oooh glowsticks as your costume? how original. those things are expensive as hell and surprise, surprise, they run out in like 6 hours so you can't really wear it again. she even said this was her first "rave". there were 1000 better costumes but oh because shes a scantily-clad glowing hot chick, she toootally deserves to be plastered all over this event's coverage i guess.

deadhead92 1 Like

Do you get paid for writing articles like this? This is really bad. It's not very tasteful to continually mention drug use in an article for RFT, STL's leading newspaper. Sure, people do drugs at "raves" (and this was not a true rave, by the way), but to single it out like that is just stupid. I wish RFT paid me to write half-assed articles about something I know nothing about...


hey there cassie kohler. I'm going to politely correct you on some of the things you did incorrectly in this article. Page 1: -If there is a* theme thing;* pulling... Page 2: -butt cheek* -...lose them,* but the more... Page 3: always throw* your... Page 4: -in the "warning," the 2nd sentence is not actually a full sentence. -...hold your* head... -It seems you have this presumption that everyone at raves does drugs. That is an assumption that many people make. It is, however, untrue. Page 5: the girl in the photograph who you assumed climbed on stage was actually working at the show. You clearly didn't look at your own photo close enough to notice the laminate with the word "STAFF" on it hanging around her neck. Page 6: -outside* (it's one word, not two) -generally, step 5 comes after step 4. Cassie, your grammar, spelling and counting are atrocious. If you're going to write an article talking mad shit on something, at least be able to do so in a grammatically correct and articulate manner. The other 2 articles you wrote about Booty Halloween weren't any better either. Get your work proofread by someone else before you publish it, darling.


Usually after step 4 comes step 5, not 4. Just saying, proof reading goes along way.

itsjondent 1 Like

That girl on stage was actually working. She was working with a small group of people recording audio and video footage of the entire show in each room. Just saying. She had a laminate to be on stage.

Everyone 1 Like

The RFT has been living under rocks in the majority of STL Electronic instances.

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