Long Lost Highlights from the Missouri 78 RPM Archive: Listen Here

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Bessie Smith
Some of these records are curiosities, it's true. But records can also bring you closer to something sublime. Sure, you can hear Bessie Smith sing "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" (1929) all over the Internet, with all the crackles and scratches digitally erased. (You can hear lots of people sing it, from the Allman Brothers Band to Carla Bruni.) Maybe that's the way it was meant to be heard, all clear and pristine. But, as Vintage Vinyl co-owner Lew Prince puts it, you can't really smell the era on a CD or mp3 the way you can with an old 78 rpm.

You won't really get that with this, either:

But give the archive a call at 314-522-8333. The archivists are waiting to give you a big whiff.

Read "Hold the Phono: If you meet three fellows from Ferguson who happen to mention they've got tons of old 78s, they ain't kidding."

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Get a grant, convert those things to mp3, and post 'em on the intertubes!  The Library of Congress' National Jukebox would be a good host for them.

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