Aimee Mann's Five Best Comedy Moments

2. She Was Thinking She Could Clean Up for Portlandia
Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have caught fire by lampooning the locally sourced, chakra-aligning spirit of the Pacific Northwest with their IFC program Portlandia, but having Mann play herself, playing a cleaning lady, allowed the pair a chance to comment on the "crazy" music industry. Worth watching for the imagined rivalry between Mann and other female singer-songwriters and Armisen and Brownstein seem bent on perpetuating.

1. "Labrador" Revisits her MTV Heyday
For the Charmer single "Labrador," Mann and director Tom Scharpling concocted a story-within-a-story in which Mann is tricked into filming a shot-for-shot remake of her iconic Til Tuesday video for "Voices Carry." Not only is the fidelity to the original painstakingly achieved, but guest stars Jon Hamm (as a doofus iteration of Scharpling) and Superchunk/Mountain Goats drummer Jon Wurster (as leading man Denny Rock) steal a few scenes as well. Peep tonight's opener Ted Leo as a particularly wan-looking guitarist in the clip.

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