The Six Best Apologetic Songs

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Holidays are a tense time. Whether feelings were hurt during Thanksgiving or you anticipate a blowout come Christmas time, chances are an apology lies somewhere in the future. Why not let a song do the talking for you? Here are the six best apologetic songs. Let us know your favorites in the comments, but be aware that "All Apologies" by Nirvana did not make the list because it's not actually apologetic and songs from Sorry For Party Rocking were also disqualified because LMFAO isn't actually sorry.

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6. All-4-One - "I'm Sorry"
If I had to summarize the '90s in three musical phenomena, it would be grunge, gangsta rap, and R&B slow jam apologies. You know, like "On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men and "I'm Sorry" by All-4-One, which is the modernized, slightly grown up version of Brenda Lee's song by the same name. Slow dance tempo, crystal production, dense harmonies, "I'm Sorry" has it all. The only thing that could make this track better would be one of those "Please forgive me, baby..." spoken pseudo-raps during the bridge, preferably by the dude with the low voice who gets a miniature solo at 3:48.

5. The Get Up Kids - "Don't Hate Me"
In its early years, The Get Up Kids mostly wrote about feeling sorry, usually to a girl who was miles away on the other end of a calling-card operated pay phone (this was the late 90s, mind you). The band penned songs named "Forgive And Forget" and "My Apology," but the group's best plea for redemption was "Don't Hate Me" from its kind of shitty in hindsight debut Four Minute Mile. It opens with "Forgive me," begs in the chorus "Oh Amy, don't hate me for running away from you," and later shouts "Sorry I can't be everything to you!" Essentially, the song says "Sorry, baby, I gots to go on tour now." For some reason, I doubt Amy took him back.

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