The Six Best Apologetic Songs

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4. Hall & Oates - "I'm Sorry"
Besides its inviting arrangement and interesting melodic turns, Hall & Oates' "I'm Sorry" succeeds because it portrays the apologizer as a pathetic individual. If you are either writing an apology in song form or trying to find the right track to say how you feel, you can probably relate.

3. Os Mutantes - "I'm Sorry, Baby (Desculpe, Babe)"
There's nothing too clever to say about this track. Os Mutantes is one of the greatest bands of all time (I will fight you over this, physically), "Desculpe, Baby" is one of its best tracks, and it happens to translate to "I'm Sorry, Baby." The Brazilian band put "Desculpe" on its early record A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado and re-recorded it for the mostly English crossover album Tecnicolor. The Portuguese version is better, but the Tecnicolor version has certain advantages because I do speak English.

2. Chicago - "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"
First off, it's hard to comprehend that Chicago, the band who did the monster ballad "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" included a seven minute guitar noise track on its debut album. Seriously, this is so smooth that I thought it was a Peter Cetera track for years. Chicago used its pop powers to write the ultimate sorry slow jam, one that infuses the humbling nature of the apology into its hook. All-4-One should take notes.

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