The Six Best Apologetic Songs

Categories: Nitpick Six

1. Nerf Herder - "Sorry"
"Sorry" by Nerf Herder is totally ridiculous. It's the epitome of the loser apologizing for being a loser. Lyrics range from "Sorry we broke up, sorry I missed you" to "Sorry I puked up on your bedspread." The latter is tame compared to the true nuggets of creepiness, both of which are oddly window-based: "Sorry I jacked off outside of your window while you were sleeping" and "Sorry I crashed through your window on acid." It's a similar song to Usher's "Confessions Part II," but Usher never actually says he's sorry for his behavior. Nerf Herder is a joke band with serious tendencies, and "Sorry" works because it falls just short of parody. But after analyzing literally thousands of apologetic songs and narrowing them down to the six best, the whole sorry song concept could use a good poke.

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