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No, but musically. And then, some of them, I have a sort of a musical skeleton, and the other guys fill it in. And some of them, I have a very particular kind of idea, but it's not a dictatorship, you know? I'm not there to tell everyone what to do. Everyone has their own creative vote for sure. Andy's definitely a creative and opinionated guy.

...I think that having the other guitar lets the rest of us take kind of a deep breath as far as what we need the song to do. With the three-piece, it was always like we had to find creative ways to fill up the sonic space. Especially because it's one thing if you're a trio with Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar, but with me, you sort of have to make these choices about what to include.

I really think that there's a lot of different ways to make a song interesting, but a lot of those were not played with just the three of us. They're not written to death the way the other ones kind of had to be by necessity.

This new song, "Armor," where does it fit in in a larger sense? An EP?

Yeah, an EP that is almost finished being recorded, and hopefully, finances willing, we can get out within the next few months. We've got a few shows, starting with the one on Saturday, and if we can earn some dollars from that, those dollars will go toward getting an EP. There'll be five or six songs. We recorded six; we may hold one of them back for a future project, based on how they're put together.

The name of the EP is "Armor" too?

The name of the EP is TBD. [laughs] It might be Armor, but titles are always the last thing with this band.

You've been quiet for a bit. A mini hiatus?

Honestly, in September we were in the studio a bunch, and Matt, our drummer, and his wife had a baby in October. So the way that show booking goes, when you have to do it months ahead of time, we blacked out all these possible dates that a baby could be born, just because I don't think anyone would be happy or able to live down him loading in drums somewhere while his daughter was being born.

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