Election Night Comedy Debates: Spend One Last Night With Seven Of the Mouthbreathers You Blocked On Facebook Months Ago

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Representing Conservative Republicans:

Young Republican, a man who hopes to make up for his high school dating record with wealth and power later in life:
Question: Will the Republican party suffer without a sideshow circus candidate involved like Sarah Palin?
Answer: After blushing and stuttering for a few minutes, he said, "I will drive a German car one day. Mark my words."

The Black Republican:
Question: Do you think a venture capitalist can really get the black and female vote?
Answer: "I am so confused with who I am right now." (He then went on a curse-laced tirade about people looking for handouts and Barack's plan to redistribute wealth. The tirade cannot be published here.)

Really Old Conservative Guy:
Question: Do you think Romney compares favorably to Ronald Reagan?
Answer: (The contestant voiced his answer to several inanimate objects in the room, not me.) "Obama was born in Africa."

BONUS: Representing the political confused:

The Undecided Voter: "If Barack is so freaking awesome, why hasn't anybody green-lighted a Tommy Boy 2 during his presidency? Or a Chipotle in my neighborhood? Huh"

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Funny Bone Comedy Club-Westport Plaza

614 Westport Plaza, Maryland Heights, MO

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