Five Comics Tell Their Best Stories from the Road

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Ryan Singer:
In my early days of doing stand up, back when any gig seems like a great gig, I did a biker bar in Louisville, Kentucky. A woman so drunk she could not form even the simplest of words was heckling me relentlessly from a pool table on the side of the bar. I did what any comic would have done. I tried to make her wish she was never born. Little did I know that her boyfriend or lover or hell-sent demon bodyguard, a biker named Detroit was ready to defend her. After apologizing into the mic for the rest of my set, two of the scrawniest and hilliest fellas offered to "go get the shotgun out of the van, flip over a pool table, and start spraying some motherfuckers!" They weren't kidding, and they apparently had become fans of mine. I slinked out of the bar after barely getting paid and tried not to cry on the way home.

Ryan has since gone on to do great things in comedy and has embraced the road. He and Jarrod Harris will be coming to St. Louis in January on their recently announced Organic tour. All you really need to know about Ryan is that acclaimed comedian and WTF Podcast creator Marc Maron had this to say about him: "Ryan Singer is one of my favorite comics to watch. He is bizarrely creative and hilarious. The real deal." For the record, I agree on all accounts.

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