The Ten Best Music Photographers in St. Louis: Meet the Finalists

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Kholood Eid. Slideshow here.
We asked, you nominated, and nominated, and nominated, to the tune of well over a hundred responses. After nearly a month of discussion, our panel of experts has whittled the list down to ten. And now it's up to you to decide the best of the best -- we'll have a poll where you can vote soon. We'll also be making more detailed introductions to each finalist in this space in the coming weeks.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the ten best music photographers in St. Louis.

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Nate Burrell

Ben Fournier

Jarred Gastreich

Jon Gitchoff

Louis Kwok

Todd Owyoung

Jason Stoff

Bryan Sutter

Corey Woodruff

Kenny Williamson

A few words on methodology: In this case we are interpreting music photography as concert photography -- band portraits are a different skill set. As we often do in these situations, we determined the finalists you see above by debating internally and consulting experts outside the RFT office. A couple of the finalists happen to do freelance concert photography for this publication; obviously they were excluded entirely from the selection process.

Side note: Do you know what it's like trying to pick a photo to lead a post like this? Fraught, is what it's like. Which is why we went with an excellent shot by someone who isn't even eligible. Kholood Eid, who has done great work for the RFT in the past, is currently living in Columbia.

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