Pitchfork Writes Lazy, Cynical, Dickish Thing: Surprise!

Kiernan Maletsky: How did you come to be playing the festival?

Phil Dickey: The festival promoter emailed last summer. He said the festival's general partner was "The Fund of the First Russian Prezident Boris Yeltsin" and they wanted us to play in Ekaterinburg...he asked us if we wanted to visit a Russian school as cultural ambassadors. Here's his email:

The key moment that we discussed with the USA consulate in Ekaterinburg was - organizing a social activity. And idea was to make a meeting with the group SSLYBY or 1-2 person from the band as Ambassadors of the United States, the meeting for talking and playing some songs). And this meeting must be only a gesture of goodwill of the band.

Our General partners - Boris Yeltsin Foundation - support a school № 202 in Ekaterinburg. It's an English learning school where pupil are very talented, they are interested in learning more about USA . And the meeting with the band from the United States that play nice music can be a nice present for Christmas and New Year). The meeting will show them that culture and music has no boundaries, that famous artists from foreign country can easily come, talk and become friends with them!

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Mike Appelstein
Mike Appelstein

To be fair, folks, that list originated from the LA Weekly's music section. I've been known to rail against it in editorial meetings.

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