The Eight Smoothest Songs of the Seventies

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2. "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" - England Dan and John Ford Coley.
Ultimate 70's lyric:
"There's a warm wind blowing the stars around"

Beginning with one side of a simulated conversation between former romantic partners "Hello...yeah, it's been a while...not much, how about you?", England Dan and John Ford Coley are playing right out of the patented Paul Davis playbook. Ever clever, they go as far as listing some of their platonic options "go walking through a windy park, take a drive along the beach, or stay at home and watch TV", but take a look at these smooth operators - do you really think that is what they are after here? At least Dan and Coley make their no-strings-attached motivations clear, telling this lucky lady that they "won't ask for promises" and they aren't "talking about moving in". I just hope the recipients of this call were able to resist this impossible temptation and not fall in love with them again.

1. "I Love You" - Climax Blues Band.
Ultimate 70's lyric:
"Since then, I never looked back. It's almost like living a dream."

The most underrated wedding slow-dance song of all-time, this heartfelt ballad seems out of place when interspersed with the over-the-top schmaltz of the era. Here, a former wayward soul whose pastimes as "a younger man" were "fooling around, hitting the town, growing my hair" honestly and earnestly thanks his now-wife for "straightening out my life". The song is classic 70's for its loopy guitars, electric piano and vocal harmonizing, but it is a truly beautiful love note from a man to his wife. Husbands, put it on a playlist for your wife and thank me later.

These songs are so hot, I had to remove my Naugahyde blazer and adjust my red velour turtleneck. If this hasn't inspired you to make a trip down to the iTunes Store, perhaps you will grow a mustache and mutton chops or feather up your hair Farrah Fawcett-style. We have hardly scratched the surface of these wondrous sounds of the '70s, so I will see you again by the fire.

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