Why do People Love the Urge So Much? We Asked the Fans

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Jesse and Steve Foster, father and son
How many times have you seen the Urge?
Steve Foster (left): First time, although both he and his son Jesse own every album.
Jesse Foster: First time. His brother saw the band last year and bought Jesse a shirt.
First time for both of them. Jesse's brother saw them last year and brought him back a shirt. Note: He was later observed rocking out and singing every word.


How many times have you seen the Urge?
Jamie Lee: Ten or fifteen. Her first time was in '93 or '94 at Mississippi Nights. "I remember seeing them in a parking lot somewhere. Maybe in Columbia?"
Why do you keep coming back?
"Well, it's the Urge! They're unique. There's nothing that sounds like them, and there never has been. And I've always been a hometown band fan."


How many times have you seen the Urge?
Zach Parton: Second -- he first saw the band at Pointfest last year. He came back because of the energy of the performance.
Maria Barbier: First. "I listened to the songs that he sent me and they sounded good."

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