The Six Worst Songs in Movies

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3. "Babysitting Blues" from Adventures In Babysitting
When the babysitting adventure in Adventures In Babysitting goes awry, the kids and the titular babysitter accidentally walk on stage at a blues club where Albert Collins is playing. They apologize but Collins says "Nobody gets out of here without singing the blues." Seems like a strict rule, and the perfect situation for some leniency on that policy, but Collins insists. What follows is difficult to watch, especially at the 2 minute mark when she starts to get really into it, and suddenly these kids devoid of street smarts are capable of improvising rhymes. Oh, and I don't exactly know why, but I'm pretty sure this is racist.

2. "Beverly Hillbillies" by "Weird Al" Yankovich from UHF
In UHF, Yankovich takes over a low budget TV station. This plot is essentially a vehicle for Al's weirdness, wherein he can frame his jokes as scenes from TV shows. The only song parody in UHF is "Beverly Hillbillies" to the tune of "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits. But, functionally, there is no way that a financially strapped station could afford the then revolutionary CGI of this video. So it is delivered in the weakest of all the plot points - the dream sequence. I'll give him credit that replacing "faggot" in the original with "Clampet" is pretty ingenious, but he should have just let Victoria Jackson dump him for sleeping in past their dinner with her parents instead of crawling back to her afterwards. She crazy.

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