The Top Five Notes on My Bass Guitar

Categories: List-O-Rama

Photo by Kholood Eid. Full slideshow: Red Hot Chili Peppers

3) A. The A note is where we start getting kinda awesome. You get this one by banging repeatedly -- duh duh duh -- on the second fattest and second closest string to you. You end up doing this a lot in the keys of both D and E which like 100% of your songs will be in unless you're some sorta fancy-pants music-school pussy.

Photo by Jason Stoff. Full Slideshow: Twins of Evil Tour

2) E. In a normal tuning, this is the biggest fattest string and closest to you and a lot of your songs will use it a lot. Major pant leg flappage, so just whale on this bad boy. Would've won the number one note, but was barely edged out by...

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