The Six Best Boring Albums Of 2012

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Joe Perez
Wondering how we could possibly classify Guardian Alien as boring? Read on.
If "best" and "boring" seem contradictory, please know there's no irony or negativity intended in this list. Maybe some irony, as I am poking some fun at the perception that any song over four minutes long, any piece of music built on repetition, anything that requires patience of any form from a listener is inherently boring. Here are the six best "boring" records of 2012. Let us know your favorites in the commentzzzzzzzzzzz......Sorry, dozed off for a second.

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6. Guardian Alien - See The World Given A One Love Entity
Guardian Alien is a Brooklyn group led by dangerously proficient drummer Greg Fox, formerly of Liturgy, and See The World Given A One Love Entity is an album of loosely structured psychedelia. The album's single track is thirty-seven minutes long and based around a single droning chord. Fox leads the group into distinct movements - the blast-beat intro, the tribal section, the quasi-composed uttering of the album title, the midtempo rock ending - but the whole thing is one enormous, sometimes transformative exercise in zoning out.

5. Dustin Wong - Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads
Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads is the best album of 2012 that could feasibly be performed at the pedal demo section of any Guitar Center. Using loopers and delays and (probably) a flanger or two, Ponytail guitarist Dustin Wong dogpiles Steve Reich-esque melodies in thick layers, creating dense but brief scenes. The format is formulaic, as each track on Dreams opens with a single repeating melody that grows limbs throughout its running time and cuts sharply into the next. For an album full of technological trickery, the old-school element of surprise at each song's end is Wong's best move, like a splash of cold water in the face after settling into a warm, vivid sleep.

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