The Six Best Boring Albums Of 2012

Categories: Nitpick Six

1. Caspian - Waking Season

The current dynamics of post-rock (and not the quiet/loud kind) are as such: an old-school band like Godspeed has to prove its continued relevance and a relative young gun like Caspian has to justify its existence. Caspian succeeded with Waking Season. The same people hear a band like Explosions In The Sky and think, "I can do that," should be intimidated by Waking Season. The Massachusetts band just does everything right, from the twinkly clean ("Akiko") to the eerily spare ("Collider In Blue") to the super heavy (the killer middle section of "Gone In Bloom And Bough"). Additionally, Waking Season is the best sounding record that workhorse producer Matt Bayles has made since Minus The Bear's 2007 album Planet Of Ice. Caspian's record is only boring on paper - "Great live post-rock band makes album with notoriously hi-fi producer." Listening to Waking Season will make you realize how carelessly the word "epic" is thrown around these days.

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