The Ten Best Shows In St. Louis This Weekend: December 21 to 23

Tone Rodent is releasing its splt with ROSCO this weekend.
So yeah, in case you missed it: Hello, I will be your new music editor starting January 7. I now completely believe that the world is going to end this weekend, because the fact that I got myself a full-time job that I don't hate is frankly too good to be true.

Actually, wouldn't it be funny if I really did just go batshit cult-crazy and totally bought in to this Mayan Calendar stuff, 100%? Like, if police arrested me on Saturday night, running through the streets in a loincloth, looting stuff and drunkenly slurring biblical references in between bars of overly-obvious REM songs? And then having to explain to my bosses on Monday (likely via collect call from County) that I just "really, really thought it was gonna happen!" I personally think that shit would be hilarious, but I got this weird tic wherein I'm just overall infatuated with the concept of last-minute failure in general.

Shows! There are three big show releases this weekend: Tone Rodent, Rum Drum Ramblers and the Cuban Missiles will all grace the city with new slabs of wax. Get the details on those and the rest of our picks below.


A Very Mayan Christmas
w/ Kisser, Maximum Effort, Black Panties, The Bad Dates
@ St. Louis Skatium
7:00 p.m. | $8/$10
Rock & roll is almost never this exuberant -- don't miss it. (KM)

Last Show on Earth
w/ Bo and The Locomotive, Magic City, David Vandervelde, Old Lights, Pretty Little Empire
@ Off Broadway
7:00 p.m | $5
Some of St. Louis' best indie rock bands alongside an out of town guest and a monster from somewhere in the swamp. (KM)

Brian Henneman Christmas Show
@ Iron Barley
9:00 p.m. | $10
Alt-country legend gets festive. (KM)

Local H
@ The Firebird
Shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 p.m. | $12/$14
Local H returns! Our proximity to Chicago serves us well in this regard, methinks. (DH)

El Monstero 2012: The Pigocalypse
@ The Pageant
8:00 p.m. | $27.50-$42
At what point does this thing have to stop getting bigger? So far we have no idea. (KM)

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RFT Music
RFT Music

Cool. My e-mail is daniel DOT hill AT riverfronttimes DOT com. there's two "t"s in there, is the only tricky part. Hit me up, remind me you're from this post (because i get tons of e-mails and they get swallowed up if I have no reference point) and tell me about the things that should be on my radar, if you would be so kind. It would be much appreciated! Thanks dude; looking forward to hearing from ya.

RFT Music
RFT Music

Could you keep us posted on important EDM happenings? I agree that we don't have a lot of EDM coverage, and I would like for this to change.

Tictic Bump
Tictic Bump

I understand that there are a large amount of shows every weekend in St. Louis. But I feel that RFT continually views EDM as a rave and not as a rapidly growing world and culture of music with many many genres and styles existing within it. Had you all been at the show the other night you would have seen something quite electrifying and known that not only was it one of the best shows in St. Louis all weekend... It was one of the best shows in St. Louis all year.


@LucasGlaesman Not sure why The Nutcracker wasn't on that list. Fits right in with Tone Rodent and The Pigocalypse...

Justin Poole
Justin Poole

If every show is listed as one of the best shows of the weekend wouldn't that mean none of them are good shows. If everything is awesome then everything sucks.

Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill

Fair point I guess, but traditionally it is simply to fit the "Ten Best" headline and this particular "end of the world" weekend is especially packed with good shows. No slight intended; I knew about that 2720 show (I enter all of the shows in our system at present, until Mabel Suen takes over) but it simply didn't end up on either of our lists when Kiernan and I arm-wrestled about this weekend's shows in his office this week. EDM fans: Go to 2720, duh!

Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill

Ok, riddle me this though, commenters: Which of the ten we picked would you replace? There's a ton of great shows happening this weekend. No slight to 2720 intended; we just can't fit every single good show this weekend on the list, ya know?

Nick Lake
Nick Lake

I mean, they pretty much listed every other venue in town.

Tictic Bump
Tictic Bump

4 different artist from out of state playing to a 400+ crowd all partying like there is no tomorrow isn't something the RFT is into. They just think it's a rave.

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