Six Tips for Dating a Musician

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5. Be a Modest Muse

Accept that he may write songs about your personal lives. Then, he will sing those songs to masses of people that you know and don't know. He will describe your deepest romantic moments and most insane freak-outs to strangers. Possibly worse than this, is that he will tell them to your closest friends also. They may learn your favorite sex position, your secret nicknames, or that you like to pee with the bathroom door open.

Get used to it, but don't get a big head about it either. No one wants to continually be reminded that "This song is about me!" They probably already figured that out. (If you need to get out the excitement that you are a musical muse, go listen to the Naked and Famous' "Girls Like You" in your headphones while you dance around your bedroom in your underwear, double checking how hot your bod is in the mirror.)

Accept that he writes song about other people. You are probably not the first girl he fell in love with. They have songs too, and he's not going to stop playing them. Plus, not every song out there is about romance and heartbreak. Inspiration finds him in the strangest places. His father, his love for booze and weed, his best friend, all the times he got mugged: All these and more will probably enter the picture at some point. I once witnessed a city squirrel inspire lyrics: "Ghetto squirrel, where do you hide your nuts?"

6. Music Talk 24/7

He's a musician. He loves music. He will want to talk about music at every chance he gets. Not just his music, but his friends' music and the music that he loves and strives to emulate. If you're not into this music, that's okay, but don't sit around bashing the things he thinks are great. If you can't find common ground when it comes to music, you are dating within the wrong genre. You can have different tastes, but you are going to need to be open and understanding to his likes and dislikes, as he will need to do the same. Sometimes you won't want to hear about the same album that changed his life over and over again -- but you are going to. Get used to it, and try to love that album also.

In short, if you're not into talking about music, going to shows, or hearing songs about need to stop dating a musician.

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