Gift Guide for Musicians We Love (and Love to Hate)

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My wife: A permanent divorce.
Not from me, but from country music. (Editor's note: No, the author's wife is not a musician. Though if enough people stop buying crappy pop-country, rah-rah-white man Nashville schlock, maybe it will die and that would be a gift for everyone.)

Bon Iver: A recording session with Danger Mouse.
James Mercer of the Shins felt he and the band were in a rut, so he and Mouse (ne Brian Burton) formed the side project Broken Bells. The result was an excellent album and a revitalized Mercer, whose re-tooled Shins had a strong release in 2012 with "Port of Morrow". Justin Vernon could use a similar renaissance.

Jason Mraz: The greatest gift of all.
The gift of silence.

There you go, big man. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and that my help has earned me more than the complete Police Academy box set you brought me last year.

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Long-time reader, first-time commenter. Have you heard the song the Strokes did with Regina Spektor, Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men? A great example of what a female voice can do alongside Julian and the boys. Great song. Keep up the great work, Mr. Geeting. You are a national treasure.

Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

Sorry you don't like country Mr. Geeting but it is here to stay and word to the wise so your wife doesn't give you that swift kick to the nuts don't be hatin' on Toby Keith

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