Juggalo Family Gathering at Pop's: The 12 Hatchet Men of a Very Ninja Christmas

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All Photos by Jon Gitchoff
Last night, Pop's Nightclub hosted a Christmas Juggalo bash, featuring performances by Ryda Click, Nyremare, P.O.W, Nuttinxnyce, Local Kings, Hazmat, Trip C and Rhyme Time Familia. Jon Gitchoff was there for some quality family time, and with his photos we invite you take a tour of the twelve Hatchet Men of Christmas in Sauget.

Let's start above -- that's numbers one through six. I know what you're thinking: I count seven. That's because you're including the hatchet woman tattoo, and while that is creative it doesn't count for the purposes of this exercise. Onward.

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7, 8, 9, 10

11. Look closely -- it's one of the necklaces in the back.


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Pop's Nightclub

401 Monsanto Ave., East St. Louis, IL

Category: Restaurant

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