The Mayan Apocalypse Plans of Eight St. Louis Musicians

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Dan Haring

Ali Ruby
Animal Empty (vocals/piano)

What would you tell your bandmates seconds before death?
I would say "I love you, shithead" to each of them. That is, assuming we weren't currently playing at the Firebird, since we are opening for Local H that night.

What song would you be performing?
"Worms," one of our newer songs.

How would you want to go out?
I would like for my apocalyptic death to be from my cat, Mogwai, who would become frazzled by our impending doom, take a cab to the Firebird and hug me to death. Shortly after that, the world can blow up or whatever.

Steve Truesdell

Solo artist

What would you tell your fans seconds before death?

I would tell my fans I have lived and fought to make Christ known, and now i shall behold his face. Our eyes will close today and open on the other side of eternity and behold in full what we only have seen in part. I pray to see you there. (I would say it in a real lofty way, like Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln, LOL.)

What song would you be listening to?

I would want "My Redeemer Lives" by Nicole C. Mullen. I probably would be singing along with it sounding horrible with my eyes welled up. I would pick this song because it always reminds me verbally of the hope that found me in my darkest hour and lowest point, when I was running around St. Louis, high and selling drugs on my way to a grave or a cell. It reminds me of the hope i have that Jesus is real. Because He is alive, my hope is alive and everlasting. Death can be a scary thing, and i would imagine needing that hope at such a time.

How would you want to go out?

Even when i was in the street, I always imagined going out on my death bed, saying some stuff to my friends and family that would impact my family lineage for decades to come. But since we all would be going out together in this case, I would definitely have my favorite meal twice that day, which would be a tie between Chick-fil-A, Five Guys or Jimmy John's. I would spend all of my day with my family, wife, children and friends. I would call all of my family and share that same hope that I found, so I would know that they would be with me on the other side of eternity.

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