Can White People Succeed in R&B?

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If you want to be Beyonce or the Eastern European Carrie Underwood, stop giving a shit about blogs -- you are not in Wooden Wand. Start trying to do management and A&R showcases, making YouTube videos where you sing current hits in your bedroom, networking with people who can get you doing background singing, hustling your CD to producers who need divas for their demos.
If you want to be an indie artist, make a record in your bedroom, just you. Take some cues from the new Angel Olson record. Sing your Georgian folk songs -- they'd work within an indie-folk context. Your voice by itself is so lovely, it needs no production. Throw it up on bandcamp and start trying to ingratiate yourself into that world. You might want to ditch the fancy sweaters for some grubby tee's unless you want indie kids to give you the Lana treatment.

If I were your manager, or, perhaps, your momager, I'd push you towards something else entirely because I don't think your sub-Katy Perry pop is your strongest suit. Have you given any thought to developing as a world music/folk crossover artist? I think you could find a more sustaining career there doing festivals and hooking up with a reputable world label that would be delighted to have a hot lady with a gorgeous voice who can sing in Georgian. Work with what you've got and make it your story. You are much more special that way. Have some simple little band, do some originals, modernize some traditional songs, do "By Your Side" and people would melt. World music also lets you stick around for life. Pop is super fleeting. Get old and do a jazz record and Edith Piaf tribute albums.

I also think you should find someone who can book you to sing at weddings (not receptions), funerals or official events where the National Anthem or Ave Maria is needed; you might just need to make a dedicated website and SEO the shit out of it with "RED HOOK'S #1 WEDDING SINGER" tags or whatnot. Or put together a quiet little combo and try and get a nice restaurant gig; sing in Georgian and people will dig on your exoticism. Plus, you would gain confidence and toughness, as well as have the experience of positive response from a rapt/captive audience.
Best of luck,

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