Six Tips for Dating a Musician: Female Edition

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3: Balance Your Opinion

You are not her manager. Maybe at home your word is law, but not here. Your opinion needs to be perfectly balanced. She will probably ask you what you thought of the set or new song or album. Remember, you are there to support, so you think it sounds good. But that doesn't mean you can't tell her when it sucked. Tact comes in handy. Start with what was good and then add your true opinion. If you are attending shows a lot, remember that not everyone there has seen the performance over and over and therefore probably didn't notice the tiny mistake. Take things from the position of the crowd. When things are rough, let her know, that way she can improve them next time around. "Honey, you just can't have eight whiskeys before you go on stage. Puking in the bucket did not make the set cooler."

4: Proper Show Behavior

Do not distract her from the show. She is focused, she is determined, she is trying to perform. So please, do not yell out "That's my girlfriend" or "That's my baby momma" while she is on stage. You may get bored while she is up there. Maybe you have seen her perform over 100 times. No matter what, do not turn into a wasted mess. Save the nights that you need a babysitter for when she is not playing; she is not going to come off the stage and stop you from making an absolute fool of yourself. Plus acting a fool makes her look bad. St. Louis is a small city, people will find out. Do not be this dude.

While you are enjoying her set, sipping casually on your drink, understand there may be a hole you need to fill. This hole is the merchandise booth: Work the merch booth if no one else can. This typically happens while the band is actually on stage, but it is during this time that fans decide whether or not they are going to buy something. If no one is there to take the money, one of two things will happen: They won't buy anything or they will steal it.

Lastly, do not get jealous if dudes hit on her. Remember when you were gazing at her from the crowd all googly-eyed? Well there are other dudes out there doing the same thing. They are going to want to flirt with her. They do not know or care if she is in a relationship with you. Trust and have faith, unless you have already broken some of these rules, she is still most likely coming home with you at the end of the night (especially if you have driven her and helped carry all of her gear). Flirting with boys is part of the job. It usually gets them to buy stuff.

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