St. Louis Music in 2012: What Will You be Including in Your Scrapbook?

Yeah, this show was OK, I guess. Photo by Alexis HItt
Are you excited for the coming deluge of our opinions about the year in St. Louis music? Because we're sure excited to bring them to you. But in our continuing quest to make sure we've upturned all the stones in River City, we'd like to offer you the chance to tell us what mattered to you in music this year.

Suggested topics for discussion, in the comments below, social media or next time you see me at a show with a Stag tallboy in my hand:

-What was your favorite show this year?

-What St. Louis band did you discover and fall in love with?

-Which music news story did you find the most tragic and/or hilarious?

-Who do you think made the greatest impact on this city's music this year?

-Where did you find yourself going back to again and again for your notes 'n rhythms fix?

...and so on. Here's some helpful cataloguing to jog your memory:

RFT Music news archives
Weekend Show Recommendation archives
Best of St. Louis: Music archives

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