The Six Sweetest Riffs Of 2012

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It's the most wonderful time of the year: list season. Before we open up all our presents from the past 12 months, let us gather around the fireplace and reminisce on the gifts from the guitar gods. Here are the six sweetest riffs of 2012. Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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6. Krallice - "IIIIIIIIIIII"

IIIIIIIIIIII by Krallice on Grooveshark
Another year, another Brooklyn black metal band. Krallice didn't make as much of an impact in 2012 as Liturgy did in 2011, which is a bit surprising since the band managed to deliver a respectful approach to the black metal traditions while still pushing forward creatively. For me personally, the big sell for Krallice is Mick Barr of Orthrelm/Ocrilim, a guitarist whose technique and stamina is frightening. With that said, the standout on Krallice's Years Past Matter is closer "IIIIIIIIIIII," with 12 "I"s, not to be confused with other tracks like "IIIIIIIII" and "IIIIIIIIIII." Fittingly, it begins with the most Barr-esque riff on the album, a speedy, minimalist shred that would not be out of place on Orthrelm's OV record. Krallice is either going to dominate the world in 2013 or split up into six other bands, or knowing how things work in the Brooklyn metal scene, both.

Tom Couture

5. High On Fire - "King Of Days"

High On Fire's De Vermis Mysteriis is one of those metal records for everybody who likes metal. It has speed, guts, depth, and doom in equal measure, but it never feels like pandering to a specific audience. Rather, the album comes off like a playlist of guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike's interests. The band's best riff is also it's most stoner-metal moment; did I mention that Matt Pike was in Sleep? "King Of Days" is a straight up powerhouse in the Sabbath tradition, meaning it is dirge-slow and the bass is more melodic than the guitar. Pike is at a point with High On Fire where the band can pull off anything he desires, so we're thankful he wanted to get his Master Of Reality on with "King Of Days."

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