The Most Overachieving People to Ever Form a Band: Talulah Gosh

3) Mathew Fletcher: drums
Former day job: Editor, Oxford English Dictionary

Amelia's brother played in Talulah Gosh and Heavenly before committing suicide in 1996. Before his sad passing, however, he worked as an editor for the Oxford English Dictionary. Rumor has it that he was, in fact, responsible for adding the word "motherfucker" to the OED. Think about that next time you hear "Kick Out The Jams," The Chronic or Sun Ra's "Nuclear War."

4) Peter Momtchiloff: lead guitar
Day job: Senior Commissioning Editor, Philosophy, Oxford University Press

Like Mathew Fletcher, this feedback-happy guitarist established a career in and around Oxford University. As the senior commissioning editor for Oxford University Press' philosophy department, he endeavors to publish the works of "eminent philosophers from America, Britain, Europe, and Australasia," for both academia and general audiences. Meanwhile, he was a key member of both Heavenly and Marine Research. More recently, he's collaborated with Bid, the leader of early-80s suave postpunkers the Monochrome Set, in the band Scarlet's Well. He remains a member of the Would-Be-Goods, whose Jessica Griffin writes some of the wittiest, most cutting lyrics this side of Jarvis Cocker.

Cathy Rogers: vocalist, Heavenly
Day jobs: Television host, olive farmer and author

Talulah Gosh sang about a "Testcard Girl." However, it was Rogers, the only Heavenly member not in the previous band, who went on to a career in front of the screen. A BBC producer in the early 1990s, she took a job at RDF Media in 1995 and went on to produce and narrate the program known as Junkyard Wars in the U.S. In 2001, she moved to Los Angeles, and produced such shows as Wife Swap (!) for RDF. Later in the decade, she bought an olive grove in Italy with partner Jason Gibb, and wrote a book, The Dolce Vita Diaries, about the experience.

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