The Six Most Absurd Pop Songs Of 2012

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2. Psy - "Gangnam Style"

I assume "Gangnam Style" is absurd. I've never heard it, never seen the video, and don't feel I need to. In fact, watching it now for the first time would feel disingenuous. There's something amazingly organic about this song's success, that it essentially made the charts based on people telling each other "You have to check this out." And now that "Gangnam Style" has topped Justin Bieber's "Baby" in the YouTube views rankings, Psy gets a second wave of support from Bieber haters. We'll call that the "Esmeralda Spalding Bump."

1. Bruno Mars - "Locked Out Of Heaven"

Bruno Mars has some good ideas here and there, but he has some serious quality control issues. He needs an editor. "Locked Out Of Heaven" is the year's most absurd song because it's so jumbled. Production from The Police's Synchronicity album, the "uhhh" from "Beat It," an uplifting chorus about finding transcendence, and the low-brow prechorus "Your sex takes me to paradise" that brings Mars down from the clouds and into the gutter. There was a plethora of unlikely cross-genre songs that snuck onto top 40 radio this year. It's a confusing time for pop musicians, and Mars is one of many who seem to just throw as much stuff against the wall as possible to see what sticks. If all the elements of "Locked Out Of Heaven" stuck, I'd hate to see what Bruno's trash can looks like.

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