A Dude's Dream Comes True Aboard the Holy Ship!!

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Katie Bain
Talking with Gary Richards, because he's the one that created everything here. I gave him mad props. Oh and smoking a cigarette with Skrillex. I've never done that before.

Did the gig give you a better sense of what it's like to be a DJ?
Yeah, totally. When you have the Fool's Gold mask on and you raise your hands up and everyone starts cheering, that's the greatest feeling in the world. And coming from New Jersey, which was like 30 degrees, to the Bahamas where it's 80 degrees, was awesome. Plus there's this whole community of fans and artists and everyone treats everyone else like family, it's really amazing. And getting on a first-name basis with these artists is a pretty cool thing.

How does this compare to your other festival experiences?
This is the top of the festival pyramid right here. I'm going to go home and go to a show next week and be like, "Damn, this sucks."

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