Who the Hell Cares if Beyonce Lip-Synced the National Anthem at the Inauguration?

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Watch when they pull the mics away from their faces -- the words are still plainly audible.

I remember Milli-Vanilli-Gate. I was eight at the time, and had the group's tape. I was probably disheartened when I learned of that group's lip syncing scandal -- I couldn't tell you for sure though. I honestly don't remember. I was eight. A whole lot of folks were mad, though, and with good reason.

The major difference between this and that is that Milli and Vanilli (or whatever their names are; does it really matter?) NEVER sang on anything. They were simply two models with a more marketable image than the music's actual performers. Same thing with C&C Music Factory -- did you know that the girl that actually sang that song is one of the same that brought us "It's Raining Men?" You never would have thought so from the music video; that's a model that was hired to lip sync the song.

I find these examples to be infinitely more egregious than Beyonce's performance. At least it is actually her voice on the recording. The fact that she may have opted to use a pre-recorded track of her own vocals when she was about to perform in front of literally the entire world (not to mention in the presence of the President) does not ring as scandalous to me. How about we all just calm down and consider the historical and symbolic implications of this inauguration instead? After all, it could have been much, much worse:

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