St. Louis Musicians' Monstrous Visages Loom Menacingly on City's Horizon

Tef Poe, large enough to step on your car
If you've been zooming down St. Louis' highways on the way home from work lately, half asleep and ready to inhale pizza before passing out on the couch in a comatose food state (what? it's been a busy week), you've probably noticed KDHX's trademark stop-sign-red logo on some brand new roadside billboards around town.

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KDHX's latest ad campaign raises awareness for the public phase of its capital campaign which, with any luck, will boost funds for its in-development digs at Grand Center. The ads feature local artists involved in the three things that the community radio station seems to love best: music (of course), beer and kicking ass.

The billboards occupy stretches of highways I-55, I-44, I-64, I-70, and I-170 and feature black and white portraits of local stalwarts in support of the station. Please -- for the love of dogs -- do your best to not crash your car while on the lookout for these likenesses. And, as always, feel free to contribute to keeping KDHX alive anytime by donating online at Alternatively, feel free to follow the directions of other billboards in town by downing some quarter pounders, lifting some weights and trying not to puke.

Images courtesy of KDHX
A monolithic version of RFT Music's own Tef Poe graces northbound I-170. Jason Hutto and Ryan Spearman can be sighted off of I-44 W.

Kristin Gleich (STL Hoop Club) and Gorgeous Gary Jackson (wrestler).

Tom Schlafly (Schlafly Beer), David Wolfe (Urban Chestnut), Emily Wymore (Perennial).

Kirsten O'Lounglin aka South City Shiner (Arch Rival Roller Girls).

Florian Kuplent (Urban Chestnut) and Stephen Hale (Schlafly Beer).

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