InFest STL Tournament Of Champions: Round One, FIGHT!

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This Saturday and Sunday, a few dozen local and regional bands perform at InFest STL, a two-day indie festival at 2720 Cherokee. The event is totally free. This is not a battle of the bands, and the acts are in no way competing with each other, but that's no reason not to pit twenty-five confirmed artists against each other in a single elimination tournament to decide who rules the InFest.

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We have assembled a panel of three judges. Jonathan Willinger is a St. Louis native who currently lives in Chicago, where he is director of publicity for a prominent record label. Chris Bay is the interactive web producer for KDHX and the host of the "Gold Soundz" program. Ryan Wasoba is a dog owner from Edwardsville, Illinois.

All matches have been chosen at random, and due to the odd number of groups, the following bands received automatic byes into round two: Andy Hyland, Suzie Cue, Le'Ponds, MusicEmbryo, The Potomac Accord, Ocean Rivals, and Pretty Little Empire.


Match 1: Dream Fox vs. Ground Flow Fusion
8-bit electronica duo battles a solid jam band.

Jonathan Willinger: Although I am normally not a fan of chiptune bands, I think Dream Fox might have to win this round.
Chris Bay:
Ground Flow Fusion can hold a groove together pretty well. That and their Doobie Brothers cover ("Long Train Runnin'") gives them my vote.
Ryan Wasoba: The main complaint is that Dream Fox is stuck to a tired format. Even so, the Nintendo electro thing is still more unique than what Ground Flow is doing.

WINNER: Dream Fox

MATCH 2: The Pass vs. Goodness Gracious
Louisville, KY synth-pop unit against a man/machine hybrid hip-hop group.

JW: Goodness Gracious wins this round because of the obvious Nate Dogg influence. RIP.
RW: I love the concept of Goodness Gracious, but something doesn't sit well. The Pass seems more committed.
CB: I bet The Pass would destroy a Passion Pit cover. But their own tunes are rad, so there's no need to do that, I guess.

WINNER: The Pass

MATCH 3: 18andCounting vs. Franco-Hill
Luck of the draw pits two hip-hop artists affiliated with the FarFetched collective against each other.

CB: This is a tough one; both are incredibly talented. I've never seen Franco-Hill live, so I just checked out some videos and man, they're amazing. Expansive, smooth, tight.
RW: Franco-Hill is great, but 18andCounting is next-level great.
JW: I can get down with 18andCounting.

WINNER: 18andCounting

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2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center

2720 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO

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Eric Hall
Eric Hall

History is written by the victors.

Eric Hall
Eric Hall

When do we get to read about Mikey Wehling and MusicEmbryo battling in a cloud of busted puka shells and corduroy patches?

Andrew Bohler
Andrew Bohler

If only we could have a claymation stl death match video...who in stl does claymation?

RFT Music
RFT Music

Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship, Burrowss, The Union Electric -- apologies to anyone whose tag did not work; blame Facebook.

RFT Music
RFT Music

Dream Fox, Ground Flow Fusion, THE PASS, 18andCounting, Franco Hill, Eric Hall, Zagk Gibbons, (it!), Mikey Wehling & the Reverbs, Kid Scientist

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