The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows in January

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Comedians You Should Know Featuring Drew Michael and Marty DeRosa
8 p.m. Thursday, January 23. The Firebird

Comedians You Should Know is the brainchild of six comedians from Chicago and it is comedy entrepreneurship at its finest. The statement it makes is clear; You don't have to live in New York or Los Angeles for grade A comedy; there's a lot happening right here in the Midwest. Two of the collective's members, Marty DeRosa and Drew Michael are bringing their talents to our city. Michael's routine hits on relationships and ex-girlfriends and does so splendidly, but the real moneymaker for him is his muses on God, religion and Hitler. His comedy is as articulate as it is irreverent and genuinely witty. DeRosa, on the other hand, has a commendable knack for crowd work and professional wrestling facts. If you want a preview, check out his podcast, Wrestling with Depression. Local comedian Bobby Jaycox is also on the bill. His act is energetic and snarky; it's not often a guy can tell you to go to hell and leave a smile on your face, but Jaycox certainly can.

Late Nick's Comedy Open Mic
10:30 p.m. Every Sunday. Nick's Pub

If you are especially fond of being hungover on Monday, then may I strongly suggest "Late Nick's," one of the weekly comedy open mics in the city. Reminders on Facebook will tell you the show starts at 10:30 with host Kenny Kinds, but as it's an open mic, punctuality is not a big concern. There are ten or so comics that regularly perform on the show and an array of other locals and out-of-towners that make it a point to regularly stop in for their four to seven minutes of stage time.

The bottom line on Nick's is free comedy. There's no two-drink requirement and you're going to see the same comics you'd see at the Funny Bone or any of the other pop-up shows around the city. As always though, no flat bills and be prepared to articulate "Good night, Officer" to the individual in blue watching the front door on your way out.

Kelsey McClure is a comedian, Producer of Comedy in the Lou and author of a beard blog.

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