Kirkwood's Own Nikki Glaser Makes Late-Night MTV Premiere

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I'm sure you've told the story 80 times, but let's pretend I'm not lazy. How did you and Sara meet? Could you also describe how the podcast came about?

We met at a party. We were both digging into a fresh batch of hummus that the host just put out. We started chatting about podcasts. Then one of us jokingly suggested we start one together. Then we stopped laughing and realized we were both dead serious. The rest is HERstory! Get it? We're women, Kris. [Author's note: I had no idea.]

If you could have one guest on your show, barring history, time, etc., who would you like to have sitting in your studio? (Please note that you can't say Justin Timberlake)

Zac Efron. Someone told me that they read an interview with Chelsea Handler about how she meets men and she said "I book them on my show." I intend to do the same. She's brilliant.

Now that you're all famous and shit, can you give an honest assessment of the scene you've left behind in St. Louis? Tommy Johnigan's gone. Greg Warren's gone. What sort of things are you seeing that are great? What does this city need to do to get noticed?

I haven't been a part of the St Louis scene since October of 2010 when my friend and comedian, Keith Cissel was in a major car accident. It happened the night before I moved. I now come back for holidays, and I see that the scene has become much less cliquey than it had been in the past. I don't know if Keith's accident made us all appreciate one another more and become less judgmental and jaded, but it certainly did something. Comedians at every level are more nurturing and friendly toward each other. There is a true camaraderie there now. I dig it.

And despite the exodus of Greg, Tommy and myself, I think that St. Louis is brimming with talent. I know that there are a ton of guys (and galz) who I don't know who are up-and-coming and killing it, but some of my favorite local guys are Josh Arnold, Sean O'Brien, Joe Murray, Bobby Jaycox, and (for better or worse) Mike Strantz. Andi Smith is also a comedian in St. Louis.

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