Method Man Kicked Me in the Face While Holding My Friend's Hand

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Kristan Lieb
Method Man at the Coliseum. See our full slideshow here.
Marijuana smoke filled the air throughout the night as smokers surreptitiously got their mid-show fixes. "I don't know what this place's policy on smoking is," Method Man said at one point, "but that shit don't apply tonight." Tell that to the poor sap standing next to me who was escorted out. Pro tip: When smoking weed in a place that does not allow such behavior, maybe you shouldn't just stand there with your joint still lit in your hand as security approaches. Ditch that shit, you fool.

Method Man's set consisted of songs new and old, Wu-Tang classics, and of course the ever-present mid-show tribute to Ol' Dirty Bastard. "We're not gonna hold up lighters or cellphones or any of that shit. We're not even gonna have a moment of silence. That's not what this is about. This isn't about mourning Ol' Dirty Bastard's death; this is about celebrating his life," Meth explained. And the crowd went wild, singing along to every word of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya."

Relentless in his approach, Meth blasted through songs with few breaks. "Turn that shit off; I don't really even like that song," Meth told his DJ at one point. "Plus they're not even feeling it, so we're gonna just move on." Method Man will firmly insist that you sing along and wave your hands in the air. It is not a request, and it is not optional; it is resolute insistence.

At the end of the set, my aforementioned friend Adam got to feel the full weight of this insistence rather personally. As the second-to-last song of the set was winding down, Meth began pointing offstage, directly at him. This particular instance of insistence was wordless, since there was still a song playing. Adam, who was throwing up a "W" at the time, realized that he was being called upon and began looking around from side to side. "Me?" he mouthed, pointing at himself.

Method Man had a fire in his eyes as he continued gesturing wildly. "You!" his motions said. "Here!" they continued, as he pointed to a space five steps ahead. Dutifully, Adam stepped forward, unsure as to what he was being called upon to do.

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