The Top St. Louis Hip-Hop Artists to Watch in 2013

Family Affair -The Family is one of the most legendary St. Louis rap groups ever. Some people say they are our version of Outkast, UGK or even Bone Thugs N Harmony. I've had the chance to preview the group's latest LP, Suite 105, and I can tell you right now this is the most impressive effort since the glory days of their career. In 2013 I'm making a personal vow to work with them more -- full disclosure: I have a feature on Suite 105. In an era of weed smoking, hippies and hipsters, Family Affair has morphed into the perfect hybrid -- originally the group's sound was golden-era gangster rap. Over the course of time Rep and QB have both transformed into crafty songwriters with a purpose. Long before Lil Wayne became the gangster-rapper-hippy he is today, Rep and QB filled this void for the local scene. This is very unique group and I think they are money in the bank: two twin brothers with a very unique story attached to their music. You leave a Family Affair performance vomiting from drinking too much, and if you're a smoker -- well, I don't even have to finish this statement.

Honorable mentions (Keep your eyes and ears open for these people as well): Yo Banga, Spaide Ripper, Tag Team, Tray Foez, RT-Faq(Doorway), Ooops, Buff N Chubb, Gangsta Gritz, Black Spade, Legend Camp, Big IceBerg

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