The Queers Play Fubar Lounge; No Metalheads Beat Anyone Up

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Bassamp & Dano
Bass Amp & Dano took the stage next with their All-American brand of horse-power pop. The band played some amount of "Hard to tell if it's ironic or not" songs about America, guns, dislike of some lady named Katie, and some other barbecue talk, all set in true punk fashion to four power chords. They did close up shop with a cover of "Achy-Breaky Heart," done in sped-up punk style, hearkening back to the nineties when it seems like every punk band did stuff like that.

Next up were The Manges, from Italy. This was when people finally started going off and having fun -- Italy started invading the "activate the pit" part of everyone's brain. By the 3rd song the floor was covered in beer and everyone was jumping around and/or tripping over each other, in a manner that was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Notes: The members of the Manges all wore matching sailor t-shirts. Maybe Mussolini mockery; maybe they all really dig Popeye - hard to say. They finished up after a half hour or so.

A little before 11:00 pm, The Queers started fast and strong, playing 3-6 songs at a time that just whizzed by -- not in an I-wasn't-paying-attention way, but more in a "FUCK, these songs are short, fast, and catchy as hell" manner. The setlist comprised a ton of songs form their whole catalog (dating all the way back to the early 80s) and everybody went nuts and got sweaty at one another for 40 minutes or so. A good amount of the metalheads came rushing over from the neighboring show to catch this set too, but my morbid desire for bloodshed was not satiated.

I was beyond excited when they played the following covers, among the billion other songs Joe Queer belted out so quickly: "Murder In The Brady House" by Screeching Weasel, "My Old Man's A Fatso" by The Angry Samoans, and "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" by The Ramones. Joe didn't have much of anything to say between songs other than, essentially "We have nothing to say, so we play more songs" and "Bass amp is my friend!" Clearly the Queers prefer to let the music do their talking for them - you'll get no complaints from me about that.

Critic's Notebook:

Stefanie (a hot bartender at Fubar that brought me a free soda) told me to say that she's a hot bartender at Fubar who gave me a free soda. I follow directions well when free carbonated beverages are on the line, and so it has been done.

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