The Six Best Sloppy Drummers

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4. Adrienne Davies (Earth)
I don't know much about Adrienne Davies, and the Internet is not much help. I do know that she plays drums in doom-metal turned doom-Western band Earth, and that she is involved with the band's figurehead Dylan Carlson. I also know that she has an amazing ability to hit her snare and ride cymbal on the same beat without exactly hitting them at the same time, meanwhile being a few dozen milliseconds behind on closing her hi-hat. Earth's tunes tend to be in a tempo that is below what most metronomes can handle, and this version of slow is harder than most versions of fast.


3. Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse)
A punk dude once complained about Modest Mouse to me because "The drummer sounds like he's playing a different song than the rest of the band." Jeremiah Green is the drummer in question, and his enthusiasm for hitting as many drums and cymbals as possible was unstoppable on the group's earliest releases. Check out his playing on "Penny Fed Car," a cut from the album Sad Sappy Sucker - which was initially shelved, probably due in part to Green's uncontained performances. Dude's a slop monster. His playing peaked on 1997's Lonesome Crowded West, and in the years since he's become less interesting as he becomes more technically solid.

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