A Conversation With A Metal Nerd: Brian Posehn is Coming to Town This Week

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I'm way more present onstage now. I think I'm a lot stronger. I actually worried that I wouldn't be able to tap into the absurd or silly but it hasn't been a problem.

Any weird reactions from friends or fans about your decision to stop smoking? For example, I stopped drinking for six months and some of my friends here in St. Louis- a town in many ways built on beer and alcohol, were actually mad at me.

Not too bad, I got a little grief online in the beginning. People boo me every time I mention that onstage but I love it. Some guys don't know and are disappointed when I won't smoke with them. My friends have all been really cool and supportive. They're all grown-ups.

Your Marvel Comics Deadpool project looks set to release Issue #5 this week. From everything I've read about you, I would imagine this project is as close to a "Dream Come True" as it gets for you.

Totally, I'm having a blast and I'm still stoked to see my name on the cover and my jokes inside.

Now that you're in the grind, what have you learned?

It's a lot of work.

Is it still fun? Has it just become work?

It's both. It's fork.

Any other Comic related projects coming up?

Just more Deadpool. I'm also writing an online exclusive for Marvel, Deadpool Infinite.

Are you trying to pair Comic Book Shop appearances with your Stand-Up Road Dates every time out, or is this a unique thing you are doing during this trip to St. Louis?

I'm trying to do that with every gig. Star Clipper will be the fifth one I've done.

You're known to be huge fan of Metal. (At 6'7" of course) If you're cast away with nothing but a record player and giant speakers, what three metal albums are coming with you?

Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast. Metallica: Ride the Lightning and whatever won the metal Grammy that year. Just kidding, Anthrax: Among the Living.

Any other projects, appearances, creative endeavors we didn't mention in this interview you would like to mention?

Yep. My first hour long special, the Fartist will be available on Netflix very soon.

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