Last Night Blowfly Stole My Girlfriend and Called My Dick Puny

Mabel Suen
Blowfly unmasked with Blyre Cpanx, some of St. Louis' local talent.

Blowfly's backing band had its quirks but mostly stayed its ground for the show. Mikey Wehling from the Reverbs sat in at times, making that guitar rip hard.

"You here to get ya' ears fucked," the Fly would explain. Don't claim to be normal if you're chilling at a Blowfly show. The crowd was a mixed bag of white-trash, rap nerds and uncategorized weirdos. Blowfly cheesed hard, pointing that long black finger at every last woman and confronting them with promises of "pussy poundings." With sequins to the gills, Blowfly looked like a '60s Batman reject -- a villain of some kind, kicked off of the set for grabbing Catwoman's ass.

At times the lyrics were lost, be it through his own tired voice or the house sound. The comedy was clear as a bell though, as Blowfly fired hard with sloppy words, bringing the depraved down to Earth and then back up into space again. The show wound down by the time the crowd finally started loosening up, but I expect Blowfly's still getting started.

Number of cell phone cameras up when Blowfly took the stage: 8

Overheard at the show:
"That's going in the spank bank."

"This is like the Backstreet Boys tryin' to be N.W.A."

"What about 'Who'd I eat Last night?'"

"I couldn't help but feel dirty."

"Blowfly made me had to fart." (Incorrect grammar, but this is what I heard, verbatim.)

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