Doing the Math with Joe Stickley: Songwriting, Collaboration and His New Solo EP Wasn't It Pretty?

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One of the things I like most about the EP, and this surprised me, but it's a very optimistic collection. It's not dark or brooding, but it's hopeful about the present and future. You could take "Wasn't It Pretty?" in many ways, but it's the opposite of "Wasn't It Ugly?"

I thought that the title and that song itself were a good way to steer the record as a whole. Putting the songs out as a collection it was my hope that it could come across as something not too sad, something ultimately hopeful but also realistic. As far as looking at the future, present and even the past, there's this sense of holding on to a dream. The song is remembering that there were dreams there, and more dreams to come. With a collection of ballads, I worried about it being too soft, but at the end of the day, I went about them as honestly as I could.

You have a life and a career that's not dependent on music, of course, but do you think that having these multiple identities, Joe Stickley of Joe Stickley's Blueprint, and the Stickley & Canan thing, and then the solo thing, what do people do with all that?

I think it's an evolving thing. If I had a cohesive identity, I don't know, maybe I could be more successful, or maybe it would be less confusing.

But it might not be as much fun.

These are the chapters of my life. I enjoy the solo thing; making this CD was awesome, but I love playing with Sean, having that communication with him. We play a hundred shows a year. If you can enjoy someone's company like that, it's a blessing. But you're right, that's a collaboration. It's not me behind the wheel.

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