The Best St. Louis Punk Shows in February

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Brick Mower - February 23 @ Fubar
Sat 23. FUBAR. $7, 7PM. Brick Mower (NJ), The Humanoids (S/T Vinyl Release show), Direct Hit (MI), & Lipstick Homicide (IA)
Brick Mower really have a handle on the whole flannel-and-beard version of punk that tumblr is wetting itself over these days. Direct Hit are more in the vein of Screeching Weasel, if you pushed the vocals up a couple sneer-y octaves. Lipstick Homicide is one of the catchiest pop-punk bands I've seen in a long time, and I have nothing sarcastic or dickhead-ish to add to that. The Humanoids will finally have the vinyl copy of their self-titled record. The Humanoids hasn't been playing as much lately folks (granted the Masked Intruder show is six days beforehand, but that's a rarity) but the band is still one of the best St. Louis has ever produced. Show up or BE A POSER DORK.

Brick Mower
Direct Hit
The Humanoids
Lipstick Homicide
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