Five Questions: Hit-Making Producer Tech Supreme Talks St. Louis Hip-Hop

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Rockwell Knuckles - "Government Name"

Who are you favorite producers?

First and foremost I am my favorite producer. I come up with the illest shit out of nowhere. I don't do drugs, and I barely drink. All of my music comes from my mind, and I love it. Outside of myself one of my favorite producers is Trifeckta. He has such an original sound and he pushes himself every time he makes something. Hands down he is super dope at what he does. When him and Rockwell Knuckles connect it's magic every time -- ask me later about the story of how I introduced them to each other. DJ Needles is one of my favorites too. He can chop up a sample better than anyone I know. He doesn't get enough credit for his production. Then there is Adult Fur. I've had the pleasure of mixing down some records he did with Rockwell Knuckles. Specifically "Wonderful Face" from Take Me to Your Leader. Just listening to what he did to create that track, I was sold. That man is a musical genius. I am a huge fan of Da Band Camp. I don't know all of the members but I know Jackpot and Wolfgang are idiots on them beats. Seriously since the first time I've heard one of their beats, they have consistently amazed me.

Nationally I have been heavily influenced by Timbo the King aka Timbaland. His music is the reason why I started creating music in the late '90s. The uniqueness that he has brought to music for years has been completely inspiring. My goal is to be able to have an impact half as powerful as Timbalands. I am also heavily influenced by the Neptunes. They make music. Amazing chord progression and instrumentation and song writing ability. I have had a taste of song writing, specifically hook writing, and that desire to write definitely was influenced by the Neptunes. My other favorites are Boi-1da, T-Minus, Mike Will, Drumma Boy and so on.

What local hip-hop record do you wish you produced?

For me the mark of a good beat is how envious I get that I didn't make it. The ultimate local record for me that I wish I did (in a total good way) would be Trifeckta's beat for Rockwell Knuckles' "Government Name." That beat is a monster. Plain and simple. Ugly face everytime it comes on. That beat is still one of my favorites to this day. There are only a few beats that I feel like that about rather locally or nationally because as a producer you have to have that confidence that you can do anything musically. When you hear something like "Government Name" and then you get that ugly face, and you focus on those amazing strings -- how do you not get inspired? Easily that record shouldn't be on this list of local records. That should have been a world record. Still could be.

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