Johnny Depp to Collaborate With Nick Cave, Tom Waits on Album of Sea Shanty Songs?

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Johnny Depp Performs with Shane Macgowan And The Popes

I'd venture, based on a quick glance, that he wasn't the one steering the ship on this latest project. Looks like at his very core, Johnny Depp has the same musical taste as your average out-of-touch uncle (not THAT kind of "touch") or cornball step-dad. You know, the type of guy who probably had a Pearl Jam cover band in high school.
Luckily there's a saving grace to this whole boring-but-bizarre ordeal. Johnny Depp is friends with the Pogues' Shane McGowan, so there's hope that freakish events like those in the video above might somehow be replicated again in the future. In the meantime, gather your friends on a boat and get down with some goddamn sea shanty music, I guess.

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