Judah Friedlander Talks About Life After 30 Rock and Being the World Champion: Interview Outtakes

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I read that you feel like you have to work harder to develop new material as you become more recognized, because crowds will laugh easier. Is that true, in your experience, with your success with not only 30 Rock but also from touring more?

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Well. I won't necessarily say that's true. Whenever someone is well known they might get a big applause at the beginning; the crowd might be a little easier the first couple minutes. But after that you have to do good stuff. One of my goals when I tour is that people are actually there to see me as opposed to just going to a comedy club to see a comedy show. Which is great. One of my goals is to draw, to get people to see me this year and next year.

So you're wanting to do venues where people are there to see your act specifically.

Yeah. That's kind of how the business works. If people aren't coming to see you, you can't really get paid. Stand up comedy is something that does not exist without the audience; it doesn't. It's a mix of stuff going on there. It is the comic who's bringing the show to the audience, but the audience is necessary.

That's interesting because in a city like St. Louis, and especially in the last three years, the one place comics get paid is if they do the comedy club. And like you said, the audience isn't there to see so-and-so on Friday night, they're there because it's a comedy show and they know they can go and have a good time.

Yeah and their office may have won free tickets to the comedy show. So they're just showing up and they have no idea what they're walking into. It would almost be like, you work in an office and your office won free tickets to a music club but you have no idea what genre of music they are going to be playing. It could be country, it could be rap, it could be teen pop, it could be Korean pop -- and sometimes things go that way. As a comedian what you're trying to do is build an audience, and I like a mixed audience. That's one of the reasons I love performing in New York, is for how diverse audiences are.

It's not one demographic.

Yeah. I like a diverse audience. I try to make my comedy as specific and unique as possible yet appeal to everybody so that a Harvard student and a Janitor can both enjoy it equally. That doesn't mean I pander to anybody, but I try to make it funny enough so that I can transcend different demographics.

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