Kentucky Knife Fight's New Album Hush Hush: Review and Listen (For a Limited Time)

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Steve Truesdell
Kentucky Knife Fight

Guitarists Curt Brewer and Nate Jones remain sonic foils on most tracks, with one offering spindly leads and the other handing out big, brash strokes. "Love the Lonely" mines this interplay especially well, treading some intersection of jazz, blues and classic rock tropes. The title track picks up some of the languor from "Lonely" and turns it toward a more straight-ahead rocker, with some greasy organ filling in the cracks. Hush Hush is the album that the band needed to make; it doesn't abandon Knife Fight's core sound but widens the lens with a greater focus on storytelling and mood setting.

The album can be streamed in its entirety for free at present through the band's Tunespeak page -- but only through Thursday, so don't sleep.

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